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Þjónustuver HS Orku er opið alla virka daga frá 09-16

Hsorka Birna BK213511

Birna Lárusdóttir holds a B.A. degree in Mass Communcations from the University of Washington in the United States and an M.A. degree in Practical Editorship and Theory of Publication from the University of Iceland. She joined HS Orka as a communications officer in April 2023, but she has a long career in editorship, journalism, public relations and translations. She was the communications officer at Vesturverk in Ísafjörður, a subsidiary of HS Orka, between 2018-2020, and a project manager at the University Center of the Westfjords 2015-2017. Birna served on the council of Ísafjarðarbær municipality from 1998-2010 and she has held various committee and board positions for state and local authorities. She has been on the board of the Icelandic Basketball Association since 2017.