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Electricity for homes and businesses in Iceland

We provide electricity to homes across the country, with a focus on low prices and personalized service.

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Sustainability in action

Innovation and fruitful thinking have always been the foundation of HS Orka operations and is the foundation of the Resource Park, with emphasis on innovation and using all resource streams.

Vertical Farming
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Blue Lagoon Svartsengi Power Plant In The Backround
The Resource Park

HS Orka Resource Park on the southwest Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland in the middle between Europe and the US, with direct access to sea and fresh sea water is the best situated geothermal park in the country, close to Reykjavík and easily accessible internationally with efficient logistics to mainland Europe and North America.

The Resource Park
Price lists
Valid from January 1st 2021
  • 6,93 kr/kWh

    price excluding VAT

  • 8,59 kr/kWh

    price including VAT