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Powering Homes and Businesses in Iceland

We provide electricity across the country, with a focus on competitive prices and personalized service.

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Rent a  Charging Station from ISK 2.490 per Month

We offer our customers to rent a charging station for a low monthly fee, whether you live in a private house or an apartment building. A charging subscription is a convenient solution that simplifies the energy transition for customers.

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An Affordable Way to Charge your Electric Car

We offer our costumers modern charging stations on a monthly payment plan, whether it is for your home or for your place of business. HS Orka offers a variety of solutions.

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Sustainability in Action

Innovation and multi-use of resources is in the ethos of HS Orka's operations and is the foundation of the Resource Park. Built around HS Orka's geothermal power plants, the Resource Park is a leading cluster for green and sustainable businesses.

Vertical Farming
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The Resource Park

Ideally located on the Reykjanes peninsula between the international airport and the capital Reykjavík. The Resource Park is an unrivalled center for sustainable R&D, production and business. Developed around HS Orka's historical power plants, the Resource Park offers multiple streams from the geothermal resource, it marks the ground for circular economy and the future.

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Price List
Valid from January 1st 2023
  • 7,45 kr/kWh

    price excluding VAT

  • 9,24 kr/kWh

    price including VAT