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Our advantages

The charging station provides up to 22kW charging and you can choose a station with a connector or an attached charging cable.

You can choose automatic payment processing from HS Orku or connect to your own payment systems, e.g. from house association services.

Load distribution is included with each charging station, which monitors the overall use of the apartment and dampens the load if the electrical load has become risky.

With a smart application and an online desktop, you can e.g. you can view the electricity costs of the charging station together with the apartment as a whole.

We serve you all over the country, we take care of bringing a charging station to you.

There is a three-month commitment, after which the subscription can be canceled with little notice.

Charging solutions for Apartment Buildings

Maximize the value of your property by offering a charging station. Apartment buildings with a charging station are considered more attractive in the real estate market, as the percentage of electric cars in traffic is constantly increasing. HS Orka offers various types of solutions for apartment buildings, the charging station is accessible to all residents and each charging station comes with load balancer.


  • Housing associations can offer charging services in their parking lot without having to pay full price for a charging stations.

  • Cable work must be completed before the Charging Subscription starts

  • Experts on behalf of HS Orku provide advice regarding the design of electrical wiring and cable work

  • The fee for the cable work is different each time, so it is difficult to estimate the price.

Price list for charging subscription

You only pay a monthly for the the charging station. With an additional monthly subscription, you pay for your home's electricity consumption.


General price

22 kW Charging station

3490 kr.

22 kW Smart Charging station

3990 kr.

Charging app

The charging app gives you access to HS Orka's charging stations. You apply for access then you can charge your car. 

Charging app

Grants and Refunds

The cable work can be costly for customers, but a cable work must be ready before the Charging Subscription starts. You can apply for subsidies and reimbursements for the installation of charging stations.

  • The City of Reykjavík, Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and Veitur made an agreement in 2019 on the large-scale development of infrastructure in the City of Reykjavík for electric car owners

  • Through the government's Everyone Wins initiative, you can get a VAT refund on work for the installation of a charging station

  • The City of Reykjavík and OR offer subsidies for electric charging at shared parking spaces of apartment buildings.

We take care of the whole process for you

A charging subscription is a convenient and simple solution that simplifies the energy exchange for customers. Contact us and we will help you choose solutions that suit you.