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Benefits for Staff

Charging the electric car during the workday can have a positive effect on job satisfaction.

Benefits for Customers

Attract customers by offering them to charge their electric car.

Charging Service as a Part of the Company

All charging stations have active load balancing, which ensures maximum charging for all electric vehicles with limited electrical power. Our charging solutions include all legally required precautions and certified metering equipment to maintain a safe charging facility with adjustable charging.


  • Companies can offer charging services in their parking lot without paying full price for charging stations

  • Allways have warranty for your charging stations with HS Orka's Charging Subscription

  • Profit from offering charging, you can get paid for using our charging solution.

  • HS Orka takes care of all maintenance and service. Don't worry about where you are in the country, we are here to service you.

We take care of the whole process for you

A charging subscription is a convenient and simple solution that simplifies the energy exchange for customers. Contact us and we will help you choose solutions that suit you.