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Þjónustuver HS Orku er opið alla virka daga frá 09-16

Brunnur 69A1086

Margrét Ormslev Ásgeirsdóttir joined the board in April 2023. Margrét holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Iceland as well as an M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Systems and Policies from the School of Renewable Energy Science. Margrét is Head of Operations at Transition Labs, a private climate initiative that partners with high impact climate projects from around the world. Previous positions include senior management roles at Carbon Recycling International and Partner at Brunnur Ventures in addition to advising on business development, corporate finance, corporate banking, and corporate restructuring at Landsbankinn. Margrét has served on numerous boards, both in the private and public sector.