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Þjónustuver HS Orku er opið alla virka daga frá 09-16

Hsorka Fridrik BK214613

Friðrik Friðriksson is an electrical engineer from the University of Southern Denmark, and he is the Executive Vice President of Sales at HS Orka. He has managed energy purchases and energy sales of the company and its predessecor since 2002 in addition to having extensive experience in power plant production management for the electricity market. He also has broad experience in the operation and development of distribution systems of energy companies. He joined the Icelandic energy sector in 1992, first as an engineer and later as a manager at Bæjarveitur Vestmannaeyja until the company merged with Hitaveita Suðurnesja in 2002. Friðrik became a part of HS Orka when Hitaveita Suðurnesja was split up in 2008. He has served as boardmember at Netorka, Farice, Samorka, Suðurorka og Vesturverk as well as in various councils within the Icelandic energy sector.