Power Plants


Svartsengi commenced electricity production in 1976 using geothermal energy. It was Iceland’s first power plant to join together electricity production and energy production for the heating of houses. The plant was built in six stages, the largest of which, Plant 5, began operating in 1999 with a 30 MW turbine as well as a thermal power installation producing hot water at a rate of 240 l/sec. In December 2007, the sixth stage, Plant 6, began operating. This is only for electricity production and the installed capacity is 33 MW. In 2015, hot water production at Svartsengi was increased to meet increasing demand.  

The Svartsengi Power Plant currently has an installed capacity of 75 MW for electricity production and 190 MW for heat.


Reykjanes Power Plant began generating electricty for the national grid in May 2006. The plant currently has an installed capacity of 100 MW. Energy for the plant is harnessed from twelve of the fifteen boreholes drilled in the area. There is a long history of using geothermal energy for industries and electricity production in Reykjanes. 

The Reykjanes Power Plant has an electricity production capacity of 100 MW.