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HS Orka Sells Electricity Throughout the Country

We provide electricity across the country, with a focus on competitive prices and personalized service.

Do You Want to Join Thousands of Happy Customers?

We sell electricity to homes across the country, and we place a strong emphasis on providing excellent service, and competitive prices. Our guiding principle is to adapt to customer needs. Register now and we will take care of the rest.

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Price lists
Valid from January 1st 2023
  • 7,45 kr/kWh

    price excluding VAT

  • 9,24 kr/kWh

    price excluding VAT

Consumption or Distribution

Electricity billing is split into two categories: consumption and distribution. The cost of distributing electricity is collected by the distribution utility that belongs to your municipality, and the bill from HS Orka only covers the cost of consuming electricity.

Service Regardless of Location

Everyone is welcome at HS Orka, regardless of their location. Unlike electricity distribution, electricity sales are not location-dependent, so anyone can use HS Orka's services. It is free to change your electricity provider, and it is a simple and quick process.

Green, Renewable Energy

All of HS Orka's power plants generate green and renewable certified energy in Iceland. We place a strong emphasis on  sustainability which is in the core of our operation. Please contact us for more information on verified green energy purchases.