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A Charging Subscription is an Affordable Way to Charge your Electric Car

We offer our customers to rent a charging station for a low monthly fee, whether you live in a private house or an apartment building. We also offer a variety of solutions for companies and institutions.

2021 Webasto Charging Home Pure 4

Private house

You do not need to invest in an expensive charging station for your home, HS Orka offers a charging station for a low monthly fee.

Apartment building

HS Orka offers various solutions for apartment buildings. The charging station is accessible to all residents and each charging station is accompanied by load balancing.


HS Orka enables companies to offer charging to their employees as well as customers.

The Advantages of Choosing HS Orka's Charging Subscription 

There is no need to pay a full price for a charging station or take risks with unexpected maintenance or expenses.

We can advice you on the best way to install a charging facility on your parking lot.

With Charging Subscription, there is only a three-month commitment, after which you can cancel with little notice.

All usage can be monitored on my pages or with the app.

Included is a charging station equipped with the latest technology and up to 22 kW charging.

Reduce your worrying by charging at home. We are here to service you.