Environmental, quality and safety policy

The mission of HS Orka is to serve industries and homes via multiple, sustainable utilisation of resources for the harnessing and sale of eco-friendly energy and other products for the benefit of customers, society and the company.

We work with our customers and they give us their highest recommendation

  • HS Orka strives to be straightforward in its communications and flexible, efficient and coordinated in its operations.
  • HS Orka educates the community about its operations and contributes to further development in the use of resources.
  • HS Orka strives to maintain good relations with the local community.
  • HS Orka serves the interests of its customers and landowners by understanding and meeting their needs.

We strive to respect the resources with which we are entrusted and use them in a responsible manner, by means of research and responsible procedures

  • HS Orka emphasises constant improvement and reliability in its work.
  • HS Orka complies with laws, regulations and other requirements as well as certified procedures.
  • HS Orka respects the environment and the resources with which the company is entrusted.
  • HS Orka develops equipment based on organised research, knowledge-gathering and innovation.
  • HS Orka places great importance on preventative and status-based maintenance in order to ensure safety, reliability and durability.
  • HS Orka uses information technology in a systematic manner to improve its operations.

We have the most qualified personnel and are the most sought-after workplace in our field

  • HS Orka selects its team based on the company values of foresight, honesty and dedication.
  • HS Orka places great importance on continuing education and training and excellent facilities.
  • HS Orka enhances the health and safety awareness of it employees, who work on multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary projects in a delicate environment.
  • HS Orka evaluates performance in a systematic manner and rewards employees when they are successful.
  • HS Orka provides its employees with a safe, eco-friendly, creative and constructive work environment.
  • HS Orka considers job satisfaction to be a joint project within the company and is a leader in its field.