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HS Orka Projects

Renewal of machinery results in increased performance in Svartsengi with minimal impact on the environment

Svartsengi 7

HS Orka has begun preparations for the design and implementation of a new Power Station 7 (OV7) in Svartsengi. Construction is expected to begin in 2022 and a new power plant will be put into operation in 2024. In parallel with these plans, HS Orka is closing down Power Station 3 and 4 in Svartsengi. 3 and seven in Power Station 4, a total of 14.4 MWe.

In recent years, Power Plants 3 and 4 (OV3 and OV4) have not proved to be as efficient production units as available, the power plants are in the age range of 30 - 40 years and their renewal has taken place. Maintenance and operating costs are very high, there have been and are challenges in their operation and the efficiency of machines is not good enough. Due to this, HS Orka began to prepare for the renovation of these power plants in 2018. Initially, it was considered to renew the power plants in existing premises and with similar machine sets. However, this did not prove to be economical enough, as the production channels and power and control equipment of the power plants would have to be fully rebuilt. According to a feasibility study, it is most cost-effective for one power engine to take over the role of OV3 and OV4, in a new power plant, Power Station 7 (OV7).


Oddgeir Karlsson (7)
  • Installed Power

    84,9 MWe

    Installed power after renewal

  • Annual Production

    710 GWh

    Annual Production after renewal

  • Hot water production

    190 MWth

    Hot water production