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HS Orka Projects

Improved utilization of geothermal resources, with the installation of low-pressure machines, to increase the efficiency ratio of the fluid collected in the geothermal system with minimal impact on the environment

Reykjanes 4

Energy production from Reykjanesvirkjun began in May 2006 after a test run and various tests. Engine one went into operation in mid-May and engine two at the end of May. The power plant consists of two high-pressure engines with a set-up power of a total of 100 MWe. HS Orka is currently working on improving the utilization of the power plant by adding a new low-pressure engine to the system. With this method, steam is extracted from the geothermal ions from the production wells, which is not used in the high-pressure machines. This steam is used with a low-pressure engine that will produce about 22-30 MWe.

Construction began in 2020 and engine 4 is expected to start operating early in 2023.

Reykjanesvirkjun (2)
  • Installed Power

    30 MWe

    Installed Power

  • Annual production

    230 GWh

    Annual Production