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HS Orka Projects

Possible future area of electricity production and increased production of hot water for the southwestern part of the country


The history of geothermal research in Krýsuvík dates back more than 70 years and various ideas have emerged about the utilization of the area. A number of exploratory wells have been drilled in the area in connection with this research, but in addition, detailed surface research has been carried out. It has proved quite difficult to locate the main catchment area of ​​the geothermal system. Today, the area is divided into 4 sub-areas, cf. the definition of Framework Programs Nos. 2 and 3, i.e. Sandfell, Trölladyngja, Sveifluháls and Austurengjar.

The purpose of research and the planned utilization of HS Orka in the Krýsuvík area is to meet the ever-increasing demand for hot water and electricity. The production of hot water in an area located between Svartsengi and Hellisheidi would not only meet an increased need but also increase the possibility of ensuring better security of supply, e.g. with interconnection of systems then both for the municipalities in Reykjanes and in the capital area.

HS Orka plans to drill the next exploratory well in Sveifluháls in Krýsuvík in the year 2023.

  • Installed Power

    50 MWe

    Installed Power

  • Annual Production

    420 GWh

    Annual Production

  • Hot Water Production

    100 MWth

    Hot Water Production