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HS Orka Projects

Possible increase in volatile power in the electricity system and greatly increased energy security in the Westfjords.


Vesturverk ehf. which is majority owned by HS Orka, plans to harness the flow of the rivers Hvalá, Rjúkandi and Eyvindarfjarðará to generate energy. Based on the current design, it is assumed that the power plant's power will be around 55 MW and energy production around 320 GWh per year.

Hvalárvirkjun is in the energy efficiency category of the Framework Plan and therefore its utilization for energy production is in accordance with the government's policy stated in the Act on Conservation and Energy Utilization Plan no. 48 from 2011. Vesturverk's goal with the power plant is also to promote increased security of electricity distribution in the Westfjords, which is the part of the country where security in electricity supply is lowest and disruptions in electricity supply are most frequent. The Hvalá power plant and its connection to Landsnet's transmission system will facilitate the ring connection of the electricity transmission system through the Westfjords, in addition to facilitating the connection of other smaller possible power plants in the area to the transmission system. Hvalárvirkjun is well-distributed, with large reservoirs, and a relatively large installed capacity compared to energy production. The power plant will therefore improve access to flexible power in the national grid and reduce the likelihood of a power shortage, which according to Landsnet's forecast is likely in the national grid in the near future.


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  • Installed Power

    55 MWe

    Installed Power

  • Annual Production

    320 GWh

    Annual Production