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Seismic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula - we are watching closely


In light of the ongoing seismic activity and the possibility of a vulcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, HS Orka's emergency management is closely monitoring the situation. We work with the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, the civil protection committees of the local municipalities in Reykjanes and the Icelandic Met Office. There is also good communication between companies and institutions owning and operating important infrastructure in the country. Among them are Landsnet, Vegagerðin, Isavia and other utility companies.

In recent years, HS Orka’s emergency and response plans have been constantly reviewed and updated in line with the natural hazards in the area. Many projects have been carried out that increase the safety of people and the operation, and others are being processed or prepared. Among safety projects are:

  • Improved monitoring of polluting gases that can be emitted from volcanic eruptions.
  • New back-up power stations in Svartsengi commissioned earlier this year.
  • Tests on the startup of Reykjanesvirkjun power plant with backup generator for possible energization of the electrical grid on Reykjanes peninsula.
  • Ongoing renovation of the pipes for hot and cold water to Grindavík municipality.
  • Inspection of earthquake protections against possible falling objects and damage to equipment.

Every effort will be made to ensure that monitoring and response are always guaranteed. Information will be updated as necessary.