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HS Orka Sustainability Report 2021

HS Orka has for the first time issued a sustainability report on the company‘s performance regarding environmental, social and governance issues for 2021. The report is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI standards. By publishing the report, the company is supporting its policy of operating in concord with the environment and the society through the essence of sustainable development. The report reflects HS Orka's knowledge of the company's impact for 2021. 

The report covers the company’s activities throughout 2021, covering what went well during the years but also what could have gone better. During the process of writing the report, up to 40 possible improvement projects have been identified. Some projects are smaller and can be undertaken without much effort, whilst other are more complex, costly and time-consuming and may have to be divided into smaller projects. HS Orka wants to use this platform to help the company towards further development in social responsibility. 

The publication of the report does not imply that HS Orka has full knowledge of its social impact, nor does it imply that social responsibility is fully implemented in the company. HS Orka works according to the ideology of continuous progress and the publication of the report is a part of that development. HS Orka considers it important to have open access to information regarding its operations to stakeholders and the public. The publication of the sustainability report gives the company the opportunity to share its main emphases to both internal and external shareholders. 

You can read the Sustainability Report here