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HS Orka´s sustainability report for 2022

For the second time HS Orka now publishes a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI). In the report information is presented with regards to HS Orka’s impact on the environment, society and economy in the past year. Furthermore, HS Orka´s choice of six UN´s Sustainable Development Goals for implementation in its operations are now presented for the first time.



The table of contents is interactive so different sections can be easily accessed. The report opens with an introductory section and a new materiality analysis of ESG topics – followed by the chapters Environment, Society and Governance. At the end of the report, a GRI reference table shows how and where specific information is presented.

The sustainability report is now accessible on the our website. HS Orka adheres to a philosophy of continuous progress in all its operations. Suggestions regarding the report and the information presented are appreciated via the company´s e-mail address: